Training a New Generation of Christian Students Around the World in the Historic Theology of the Reformation

Seminary Directors


The Executive Board is responsible for the legal and financial duties of the seminary.

Mr. Jason L. Bradfield Chairman

Ms. Alyssa Talbot Secretary

Dr. Phyllis Talbot Treasurer

Rev. Calvin Lindstrom Member

Mr. David Darden Member


The Administrative Board advises the Executive Board and shares in the oversight of the academic policies of the seminary.

Mr. Jason L. Bradfield Chairman

Dr. Gary Crampton Member

Dr. Bill Higgins Member

Dr. John Barber Member

Dr. Philip Kayser Member

Rev. Reed Best Member

Dr. Carl Bogue Member


Everything you need to know about the Seminary and College is in the PDFs below. For prospective Seminary students, read the Catalog and Administrative Bulletin. You must read these documents carefully, for they not only explain what is involved but you will be required on the application to sign an agreement that you will abide by the guidelines and policies.


Seminary Catalog

Outlines all aspects of the Seminary including General Administration, Academic Information, and Degree/Course Descriptions.


Seminary Admin Bulletin

Supplement to the Catalog that includes Tuition fees, Non-Tuition Fees, Faculty Information, and a List of Whitefield Alumni as of 2010.


College Catalog

Outlines all aspects of the College including General Administration, Academic Information, Degree/Course Descriptions, and Fees.


Mr. Jason L Bradfield, M.A.

Interim President
Assistant Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church

Office Address:
1605 E Gary Rd
Lakeland, FL 33801

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 6321
Lakeland, Florida 33807

Whitefield Theological Seminary is an Affiliate institution of the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries. As such, it participates in and contributes to collegial and professional development activities of the Association, and is committed to the quality of education ARTS promotes. Affiliate status does not, however, constitute, imply, or presume ARTS accredited status at present or in the future.